Coming soon … 40th Anniversary event

40th Anniversary of a Women’s Photographic Collective, 1974-1980
Sunday 12th October 2014, 2-5pm
Chats Palace, 42-44 Brooksby’s Walk, London E9 6DF
The Hackney Flashers Collective was active as a feminist agitprop group in London 1974 -1980. The group produced two photographic/graphic exhibitions addressing complex ideas about women’s lives as workers and as mothers, inside and outside the home:  Women and Work and Who’s Holding the Baby.

To mark the recent launch of the Hackney Flashers website the group are calling a meeting of the generations: how did they work as a collective in the 1970s? How is the struggle for the most basic of women’s rights being carried on now, forty years later?  A rare chance to see some of the exhibition panels from  the time and to discuss work still to be done. Free and open to all. Should be exciting!
@Hackney Flashers
The event is part of the East London photography festival Photomonth and will take place at Chats Palace Community Arts Center, a venue which has a history of radical community arts involvement.



  1. […] exhibition Hackney Flashers Exposed takes a look at the work of the feminist agitprop group on Sunday at Chats […]

  2. Is there a way to Skype into the meeting perhaps? I’m reaeaeching women’s photo collectives as part of my pjs but based in Belfast.
    Many thanks

    1. We will look into it! Thanks

    2. Sorry Emma, I don’t think a Skype will be possible this time. But best of luck with your research!

    3. Thanks for coming all the way from Belfast in the end Emma! It was great to meet you, good luck with your research!

  3. nice to see the website and to get a mention .
    hope to be at the event best wishes Jini Rawlings

    1. Thanks Jini. Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

  4. Thanks for coming to the meeting Jini, it was great to see you!

  5. Hi! I am so sorry to have missed this event, I only found out about it afterwards. I would love to make contact with people interested in initiating a similar project now – I have been thinking about photographing/filming work/worklessness for a long time but would like to do so in collaboration with others! Please get in contact if you are interested.

  6. I am really sorry to have missed this event – I only found out about it afterwards. For a long time I have been thinking about thoughtfully/politically photographing/filming work/worklessness in the present day, but would like to do this in collaboration with others! If you are interested, please get in contact:

  7. thanks so much for the whole event – it was fantastic!

  8. […] photographs. To mark their fortieth anniversary and in collaboration with Photomonth, a special event will be held this Sunday 12th October, from 2-5pm at Chats Palace, 42-44 Brooksby’s […]

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