Slideshow: Who’s holding the baby? 1978

After completing the 1975 project on ‘Women and Work’, the Hackney Flashers began to question how much could be shown by using documentary photography while working on a project on childcare. The resulting project ‘Who’s Holding the Baby?’ combined photographs, appropriated imagery, cartoon illustrations and texts in laminated panels. The exhibition showed the lack of […]

Slideshow: Women and Work, 1975

The first project by the Hackney Flashers was ‘Women and Work’. The group set out to record with photography the working conditions of women in Hackney across a wide range of occupations. The project was initially made to be part of an exhibition celebrating 75 years of the Hackney Trades Council. During the anniversary event […]

Photographers and activists came together to discuss the past, present and future

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along to the Hackney Flashers Exposed event at Chats Palace, which marked the fortieth anniversary of the group beginning to work together as a collective. Around 80 people attended and had a lively discussion about current and past activism and creativity.