This page contains original archive material relating to the production and display of work by the Hackney Flashers. We hope to build up more material on this page over time.

Below is a sketched plan of the layout of the Three Perspective on Photography exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in 1979. This was the Hayward Gallery’s first major photography exhibition and was organised by the Arts Council of Britain. It was made up of three sections curated by John Tagg, Angela Kelly and Paul Hill. It included work by Victor Burgin, Jo SpenceAlexis Hunter,  and the Hackney Flashers.

Layout for Hayward Gallery exhibition, Archive material ©Hackney Flashers

The Hackney Flashers exhibited their project on childcare ‘Who’s Holding the Baby’ at the Hayward exhibition. Below is a draft of the exhibition text which accompanied the panels that made up the project.

Text for Who's Holding the Baby panels at Hayward Gallery, Archive material ©Hackney Flashers

The poster below shows how the group organised events outside and inside the exhibition to continue to draw attention to the question of childcare.

Poster for Hayward Gallery events, Archive material ©Hackney Flashers

Notes on meetings with the Art Council, Archive material ©Hackney Flashers

The exhibition was toured widely in community venues and as part of events like the ‘Images of Women in the Media’ conference in North Devon.

Beaford leaflet, Archive material ©Hackney Flashers

Beaford leaflet, Archive material ©Hackney Flashers

Cockpit Gallery Exhibition, Archive material ©Hackney Flashers

While working together the group kept a minute book which recorded their decisions and their process of working.

Hackney Flashers Minute Book, Archive Material ©Hackney Flashers

Hackney Flashers Minute Book, Archive Material ©Hackney Flashers

The first project made by the Hackney Flashers, ‘Women and Work’ was widely exhibited. The newspaper cutting below reviews the exhibition when it was shown at The Half Moon Gallery.

Newspaper review, Archive material ©Hackney Flashers

The first showing of ‘Women and Work’ as part of the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of the Hackney Trades Council received coverage in the Hackney Gazette at the time:

Coverage of 'Women and Work', Hackney Gazette, September 1975.

Ironically this write up refers to union men’s celebration:

Coverage of 'Women and Work', Hackney Gazette, September 1975.

Coverage of 'Women and Work', Hackney Gazette, 1975.

The first showing of ‘Who’s Holding the Baby’ at Centerprise in Hackney was featured in the Hackney Gazette in 1978.

Coverage of 'Who's Holding the Baby?', Hackney Gazette, September 1975.

In 1980 the group put together an education resource slide pack and booklet on ‘Domestic labour and visual representation’ for use in communities and education:

Domestic labour and visual representation slide pack ©Hackney Flashers

This photograph shows a meeting of the Hackney Flashers in on of the members’ homes in the 1970s.

A meeting of Hackney Flashers members in a members home in the 1970s ©Hackney Flashers

See our history page for more information on the of the group’s work and background.

©Hackney Flashers

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