The Hackney Flashers made work that was portable and could be easily transported and shown in community venues. Both the ‘Women and Work’ and ‘Who’s Holding the Baby’ projects were in high demand and were widely toured. The following list is a compilation of over 50 individual showings of the Hackney Flashers work that has been documented in archives and in publications such as Spare Rib magazine, or mentioned in the minutes kept by the group. See our archive page for some examples of original material. The work was shown in more locations but records were not always kept.

In more recent years the work has been exhibited in group exhibitions and retrospectives, showing the impact of the work. Please contact us if you have any details of other exhibitions of the work that we can add to the list.

Exhibitions including Hackney Flashers work since 1975

Review of 'Women and Work', The News Line, June 23rd 1976

‘Women and Work’, 1975:

Hackney Town Hall, September 20 – October 3, 1975

‘Women and Work’, 1976:

Women & the Cuts Conference, Friends House, London, February

Hackney Central Library, London, May 15-June 1

Half Moon Gallery, London, 7 June – 3 July

Hammersmith & West London College, London

WCC Dublin

Shoreditch School, Falkirk St, London

Congress House, TUC Headquarters, London

Main Library, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Slide show for Women’s Studies Course, North London Polytechnic, London

TUC Meeting, Trades Council, September

Community Education Centre, Whitechapel, September 6-11th

Brent Family Service Unit, September 13- October 2nd

Labour Party Congress, October

Hackney Downs Playgroup for an exhibition on playgroups at Centreprise, May 31st– June 12th

Slide Shows at:

Polytechnic of Central London, October 26th

London Hospital, Tuesday November 9th

Hoxton Hall Women’s Group, Wednesday November 10th

NUT Teachers Centre in East End, Monday November 15th

‘Women and Work’, 1977:

Women’s Equal Rights Rally, Alexandra Palace, February 26th

Paris Socialist Feminist International Conference, Paris 27th May

Women’s House, Amsterdam

Festival in Derbyshire, June 11-12

Workshop of Counselling at Central Polytechnic, September 2nd – 4th

CP feminist weekend in Bristol, 20 March

University Bristol, 20 March

Colchester, October

‘Women and Work’, 1978:

Social Relevance exhibition, Whitechapel

Slide show at Woman’s Cut Alliance

Drill Hall

Poster advertising Who's the Holding the Baby? exhibition, 1978

Who’s Holding the Baby? 1978:

Market Nursery

Shaw Theatre

Centerprise, 136 Kingsland High Street, Hackney E8. Saturday 4 June – 29 July 1978

Who’s Holding the Baby? 1979:

Women and childcare Conference, Essex University, Colchester. 20 January 1979

Three Perspectives on Photography, Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London SE1, 1 June – 8 July 1979


Alexis Hunter, Jo Spence, Hackney Flashers, Bristol Arts Centre, Exhibitions 1 – 30 November, (year unconfirmed)

‘Who’s Holding the Baby?’ Women’s Action Group, Leeds University, 10th – 15th March 1980

‘Who’s Still Holding the Baby???’ Cockpit Gallery, Holborn, September 3rd – 30th 1980

Leeds, 1983

Women and Memory Conference, University of Michigan, March 1986

Poster advertising Who's Still Holding the Baby? exhibition, 1980

Jo Spence review of work: 1950-1985, Cambridge Darkroom, exhibition toured by Cockpit Gallery, 15 March – 14 April, 1985, Dales Brewery, Cambridge

Jo Spence review of work: 1950-1985, Ffotogallery, Cardiff, July 1985

Jo Spence review of work: 1950-1985, Battersea Arts Centre until 25 Sept 1985

Jo Spence review of work: 1950-1985, Triangle Gallery, Birmingham, October 1985

Jo Spence review of work: 1950-1985, The Cockpit Gallery, Holborn, London, January 1986

The Jo Spence Health Fund Show – Photography for Life, Camerawork 121 Roman Road, May 16-June 15 1991

Protest and Survive, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 2000

Jo Spence: Beyond the Perfect Image, Photography, Subjectivity, Antagonism, MACBA, Barcelona, 2005-2006

‘Who’s Holding the Baby?’ Permanent display from 2010, Reina Sofia, Madrid

Jo Spence: Work I, Space, London, 2012

Who’s Still Holding the Baby, Women’s Art Slide Library, Goldsmiths University, London, 2012

Transmitter Receiver, touring Britain, 2012-2013

Research in to the number of showings of the work was carried out by Angela Stapleford

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