Slideshow: Women and Work, 1975

The first project by the Hackney Flashers was ‘Women and Work’. The group set out to record with photography the working conditions of women in Hackney across a wide range of occupations. The project was initially made to be part of an exhibition celebrating 75 years of the Hackney Trades Council. During the anniversary event the work was exhibited in Hackney Town Hall alongside a collection of banners and other trade union memorabilia.

The project included over 250 photographs mounted on panels with text and statistics about women and work. The original panels have been lost but individual photographs from the project and photographs of the panels taken at the Hackney Town Hall exhibition have survived. In some of the images of the panels shown here the banners from the exhibition can be seen in the background.

All images ©Hackney Flashers

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During work on the project the group were surprised to find out that the anniversary event was to be titled 75 Years of Brotherhood. In a booklet accompanying the exhibition Terry McCarthy wrote on the Women and Work project:

It is the work of a group of women photographers who call themselves “The Hackney Flashers”. They set themselves a revolutionary task – to display by means of photographs and captions the sort of work women do in Hackney, the conditions they are made to work in, the sort of boring jobs they are often forced to accept, the lack of career and promotion opportunities and the inferior wages they are paid.”

(Text from 75 Years of Brotherhood: 1900-1975 Trades Union Exhibition, Hackney Town Hall, 20 Sept-2 Oct 1975).

After the Trades Council event the group toured the ‘Women and Work’ project and exhibited it in community venues. The lack of childcare that they had noticed while making ‘Women and Work’ influenced them to begin their major project on the issue of childcare: ‘Who’s Holding the Baby’.

See our Archive for material relating to the production of the work and it’s display at the many venues where it was toured.

All images ©Hackney Flashers

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