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‘Who’s Holding the Baby?’ The question – and the exhibition – is back at the Hayward Gallery after 36 years

In 1979, the Hackney Flashers’ exhibition, ‘Who’s Holding the Baby?’, was included in the Hayward Gallery show, Three Perspectives on Photography. The work was selected for inclusion by guest curator, John Tagg. Thirty-six years on, in February 2015, the exhibition , on the lack of childcare in the 1970s will be returning to the Hayward

Panel from 'Who's Holding the Baby?' 1978 ©Hackney Flashers

Welcome to the Hackney Flashers website!

A brief history The Hackney Flashers, a women’s photography collective, was formed in 1974 and remained active until 1980. It was started by a small group of photographers and an illustrator with the purpose of making a photography exhibition about women at work – part of a trade union event celebrating 75 years of union activity […]